James B. Wilson
Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University
101 Weber Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Office: 125 Weber Building


my take on group isomorphism today (Group Isomorphism is tied up in Knots (a survey of group isomorphism))

research interests (See research summary)

conference on (Groups, Computation, Geometry)

\[x(yz)=(xy)z\] \[x^n=0\] \[x(y+z)=xy+xz\] \[xy=0\Rightarrow x=0 \vee y=0\]
  • group decompositions
  • computation with groups
  • group intersections
  • group varieties
  • p-groups
  • isomorphism
  • enumeration
  • bilinear maps
  • isometry and isotopism
  • adjoints
  • derivations
  • Jordan and Lie algebras
  • computation with algebras
  • nonsingularity
  • semifields
  • I work with groups (the first column). I leave simple groups to better minds, so I guess you could say I'm not a simple minded group theorist. Instead I focus on nilpotence (the second column). For me nilpotence is about bilinearity (the third column) and in the course of study I have re-discovered or introduced various connections between these functions and a wide range of algebras both associative and nonassociative. In an attempt to arrange an ontology (in the sense of Computer Science) for bilinear maps I was lead by categories to products without zero-divisors (the fourth column). Who would have thought that nilpotence would go hand-in-hand with omitting zero-divisors!

    While I am not an expert in all of these areas I find them fruitful places for questions and results and I hope to learn more -- perhaps from you.