M667, Commutative Algebra

MWF,11am, Wagar107b
Alexander Hulpke

This page contains material for my M 667 course, Spring '04.


These are pdf files of my handouts and slides. Let me know if you cannot read this format.


  • Course Material on secure site (Login is algebra, password as given in lecture.
  • GAP
  • winrxvt.zip: A wrapper program that gives cut-and-paste ability under Windows. Uncompress this archive somewhere in a place where you have permission to write. Then use the gap shortcut (or the gap.bat file in the rxvt directory created anew) to start GAP.
    Select/Copy is with the left mouse button, paste with the middle mouse button (same as under Unix/XWindows).


Homework is due at the start of the lecture at the indicated date.
Homework 1 (Due Jan 28)
Homework 2 (Due Feb 4)
Homework 3 (Due Feb 11)
Homework 4 (Due Feb 18)
Homework 5 (Due Feb 25)
Homework 6 (Due Mar 3)
Homework 7 (Due Mar 10)
Homework 8 (Due Mar 24)
Homework 9 (Due Mar 31)
Homework 10 (Due Apr 7)


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