Introduction to GAP 4

Alexander Hulpke


In 1998 I gave a short course about programming in GAP 4 at St Andrews. This are the slides of this course. They are certainly not self-contained, they might contain errors, and they reflect the status of the system in spring 1998, so a few concepts might have changed by then.

The aim of the course was to give an idea of the system's internals, if you have no experience with GAP so far it might be pretty hard reading.

Anyhow, you might be interested in them. I'd appreciate any kind of comment about their usefulness.



(2-Jun-98: I have reformatted the slides to print on US format paper as well.) (1-Feb-00: Now in PDF format.)
  1. Introduction (1.May)
  2. Filters, Families and Types (8.May)
  3. New Objects (15.May)
  4. Groups and Homomorphisms (22.May)
  5. Group Operations (29.May)
  6. Pcgs (12.Jun)


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