Colorado State University
Groups, probability, algorithms:
Computing with `giants'
By Cheryl E. Praeger AM FAA
From School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Western Australia
When Oct 24, 2005
Where Room 202, Weber Building
Abstract Mathematicians often want to recognize, or compute with, groups that are too large even to list all of their elements. One solution is to examine a random sample of group elements and from this make inferences about the group structure. The lecture will present some of the issues that arise, and give examples in the context of recently developed algorithms.

The lecture will be aimed at a wide audience.

Further Information Anton Betten, Alexander Hulpke, Robert Liebler
There will be Refreshments in WB 117 at 2pm, following the Colloquium talk.
The Colloquium counts as Seminar Credit for Mathematics Students.