Colorado State University
Some Theoretical and Numerical Results for Inverse and Control Problems
By Mikhail Klibanov
From Department of Mathematics
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
When April 3, 2006
1:00 pm
Where Room 202, Weber Building
Abstract Global uniqueness and stability results for some coefficient inverse problems will be presented. In addition, stability results for some ill-posed Cauchy problems for PDEs will be presented and their impact on the control theory will be discussed. Also athe first exact controllabillity theorem for the time dependent transport equation will be formulated. Finally, some numerical results, which follow from those theoretical ones will be discussed. The main tool is the method of Carleman estimates, which the author is using since 1981.
Further Information Oleg Emanouilov
There will be Refreshments in WB117 at 2.00pm, following the Colloquium.
The Colloquium counts as Seminar Credit for Mathematics Students.