Greenslopes Seminar

[Department of Mathematics]
Thursdays 11AM Weber 223
Co-Organizers: Wes Galbraith and Ben Sencindiver


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Abstracts appear below.

Date Speaker Title Advisor
Aug 31 Vance Blankers Impossible Things and Where to Find them Renzo Cavalieri
Sep 7 Sam Pine 7 Things Engineers Want You to Know About Radar Margaret Cheney
Sep 14 Andy Fry Tropic(al) Thuder Renzo Cavalieri
Sep 21
Sep 28
Oct 5
Oct 12 Derek Handwerk Patrick Shipman
Oct 19
Oct 26
Nov 2 No Greenslopes - Math Day
Nov 9
Nov 16
Nov 23 No Greenslopes - Fall Recess
Nov 30
Dec 7


8/31/2017 - Impossible Things and Where to Find them - Vance Blankers
In this decidedly non-research talk, we'll discuss a handful of impossible straight-edge-and-compass constructions from antiquity, including trisecting the angle and squaring the circle. Establishing impossibility in these cases offers an introduction to Galois theory and the constructible numbers.

9/7/2017 - 7 Things Engineers Want You to Know About Radar - Sam Pine
In accordance with the click-bait title, we'll cover just the basics of synthetic aperture radar (SAR). Starting from Maxwell's equations, we describe SAR as an inverse problem in which we attempt to reconstruct the reflectivity of a scene from measurements of its scattered electric field. Many of the open problems in SAR research are mathematical in nature, but the overwhelming majority of papers are written by engineers, for engineers. This purpose of this talk is to bridge that gap, following the book by Cheney and Borden.

9/14/2017 - Tropic(al) Thunder
In this talk we will go over the basic definitions of tropical geometry and we will see what happens when algebraic geometry meets combinatorics! (Hint: it gets tropical.) We will see that by tropicalizing algebraic curves we obtain combinatorial tools that help with certain computations.











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