Math Department Schedule Creation

Create a schedule for the Math Department Pages!

These directions are for Windows.

You need to create a file for your schedule in a place that can be published; this is the same place where you can save your website.
These directions use WinSCP to ftp to the "S-Drive"(this name is probably deprecated.)

You will need a Windows machine and your log in information for the Math Department computers.

Start WinSCP- either find the icon WinSCP icon on the desktop or type WinSCP into the search bar after clicking on the Windows button.

Click Start, then search WinSCP

The following dialog box should pop up:
These directions assume you are doing this for the first time.
If you have saved your previous login, then you can click on your login instead. (I would click on "freeman@ftp.math".)
Make sure ftp.math is highlighed as in the image, then click Edit.

select ftp.math and then edit

Enter your login name in the user name field, and change the port number.
This number will be announced in the training session, or you can use Zube's FAQ page!
If you save, then you can skip this step in the future!

Enter user name, fix port number and save

Click Login.

enter password and login

Enter your password. This should be the same on you use to log onto the Windows machines.

If you like, check the box to remember the password for this session. If you don't check the box, you will have to enter your password to save files, etc.

Click "OK"

enter password and login

Create a directory called public_html by clicking on Create Directory or pressing F7.

create public underscore html directory by pressing f7

Make sure the permissions are set correctly- click "Set permissions" and make sure the settings match the picture, or use the setting 0755.

enter folder name and make sure permissions match 0755

You can view the permissions under the "Rights" column.
If the permissions are not set correctly, use F9 Properties to correct them.
Double click on "public_html" to enter that directory.

double check permissions, then double click on public underscore html

Create a new file called officetimes, and notice that there is NO extension, i.e. it is NOT officetimes.txt. You can do this by right clicking and selecting "new" and "file".

create a new file called officetimes without an extension

new file

Enter the schedule text according to, and save the file. Again make sure there is no file extension.

enter schedule according to directions

Check the permissions on the officetimes file. They should match rw-r--r--. Make changes using F9 Properties, and match settings to 0644.

check permissions on the file, edit using f9

match permissions

The schedule won't show up until the next day, but you can check to see that you've done everything correctly by going to, where loginname is your login name.
You should be able to see the text from the officetimes file.
If you get an error, double check the permissions and spelling.
Then, check the next day to make sure it worked!

double check going to www dot math dot colostate dot edu slash tilda login name slash officetimes