Dr. Brent R. Davis
Colorado State University

davisb [AT] math [DOT] colostate [DOT] edu
Department of Mathematics
1874 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1874
Phone: (970)-491-6514
Fax: (970)-491-2161

I am a Mathematics Instructor at Colorado State University. My research concerns
algorithms in numerical algebraic geometry and numerical homotopy continuation
methods for solving systems of polynomial equations.

Math 161 Course Webpage
Math 155 Course Webpage

3) E. Gross, B.R. Davis, K. Ho, D. Bates, and H. Harrington
Numerical algebraic geometry for model selection and it's application to the life sciences. (pdf) (computation page)
This article appeared in Journal of the Royal Society Interface 13(123),2016.

2) D.J. Bates, B.R. Davis, M. Kirby, J. Marks, and C. Peterson,
The max-length-vector line of best fit to a collection of vector spaces. (pdf) (computation page)
This article appeared in Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 22(3):453-464,2015.

1) D.J. Bates, B.R. Davis, D. Eklund, E. Hanson, C. Peterson,
Perturbed regeneration for finding all isolated solutions of polynomial systems. (pdf).
This article appeared in Applied Mathematics and Computation 247(15):301-311,2014.

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