Spring 2018 MEGA Review

MEGA Review Sheet
Since many students find it helpful to have a solution guide to problems while studying, we challenge all MATH 160 students to create a solution guide to the problems on this worksheet. Send individual solutions to 160megareview@gmail.com for proofing. Once proofed, solutions will be posted on the MATH 160 course webpage.
Instructions for Submissions:
  1. Write solutions on a clean sheet of paper, lined or unlined. Be sure to include the problem number. Typed solutions are appreciated, but not necessary.
  2. Submissions should be complete, legible, and contain good explanations. Explain everything as if you were teaching someone the material. Keep in mind that mathematicians love concise answers!
  3. Leave your name or a sweet alias at the bottom of your solution so we know who gets credit for the solution. Fun pictures are optional but encouraged.
  4. Send all solutions to 160megareview@gmail.com.
A sample submission can be found on the first page of the MEGA Review Sheet.