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Note: No-make up exams are given unless in the case of a documentable emergency or documentable university approved absence due to a university sponsored event.
Math 160 Calculator Policy: Access to a graphing calculator or app (such as desmos.com, wolframalpha.com, etc.) is recommended for homework, labs, and other course activities. Only scientific calculators such as the TI-30X IIS will be allowed on exams. No graphing or symbolic calculators will be allowed on exams. You must provide your own calculator; you may not use a laptop computer, smart phone, or smart watch. Be aware that some quizzes may prohibit the use of a calculator.


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Cool Links!

A cool desmos app for understanding tolerance
A cool desmos app for understanding 2.1, 3.1, 3.2
Limits Calculator
Some Calculus Applets
Practice with Derivatives!
Practice with the Chain Rule & Implicit Differentiation
Derivative Calculator
Riemann Sums App
Integral Calculator
Strategy for Optimization Problems
Notation, the Fundamental Theorem, and other good stuff
Volume Apps
YouTube videos
Visualizing accumulation functions
Course Coordinator: Dr. Mary E. Pilgrim, mpilgrim@rams.colostate.edu
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