M317, Advance Calculus of One Variable, Spring

Prerequisite: M CC161

Textbook: Advanced Calculus, Patrick M. Fitzpatrick

Instructor: J.W. Thomas

Office: Weber 104

Office Hours: MWF 12:30-1:30

Telephone: 491-6456

Email: Thomas@math.colostate.edu




Course Content: The real number system, sequences, continuity, sequences and series of functions, differentiation, integration.


Assessment: There will be two exams (approximately week 6 and 12). Homework will be collected approximately daily and graded. There will be an accumulative final.


Grading Procedures: The grades in class will be based on the two exams (100 points each), the final (200 points) and homework (100 points). The grade scale will generally be 450-500, A; 400-449, B; 350-399, C; 300-349, D; below 300, F. The ranges of the grades may be scaled depending on any curves given for particular exams. The grades in each of the ranges will include +s and s.