Exam conflicts

You must take the midterms and finals at the times and rooms assigned for your section. If you are unable to do so for University approved events or issues the following policies apply:

Schedule Conflicts

If you have another course (for example a laboratory) that is scheduled at the same time as the midterms and cannot be rescheduled, you can sit alternative midterms on the same days at 4.05pm or at 7pm. To do so you must inform your section teacher at least 10 days before the exam.
There are no alternate times for the final. Contact your section teacher if you have a conflict (this is rare and only happens for students taking two calculus courses at the same time). See the next paragraph for final workload.

University approved events/Illnesses/Final Workload

Makeup exams beyond the two alternative midterm times will be only granted for conflict with university events (such as band practice) or events beyond your control that cannot be rescheduled (see http://facultycouncil.colostate.edu/files/manual/sectioni.htm#I.12.4 for details). You must submit the Alternate Makeup Exam Request form , together with supporting evidence, e.g. a letter from the athletics department on university letterhead, to your section teacher at least 10 days before the exam (or -- in the case of sudden illness -- as soon as reasonably possible).
We will try to accomodate students who have three or more CSU exams on the same day under the same policy (but due to staffing limitations cannot guarantee accomodation). If you have three or more finals on the same day, and would like to move MATH161, submit the Alternate Makeup Exam Request form together with your finals schedule (not just your class schedule but times of your CSU finals) and an indication that you have tried to move any exams in non-coordinated courses first. Because accomodating alternate finals is very difficult, we need the submission of such alternate final requests by the time of the third midterm .


If a disability prevents you from taking the exam in the normal settings you must register with RDS for alternative testing arrangements. RDS will provide you with a letter certifying your disability. You need to submit this letter to your teacher at least 10 days before the exam. We will provide you with an exam request form to return to RDS for making proctoring arrangements

Exam complaints

Exams are graded thouroughly and we have high confidence in the correctness of grading. Nevertheless it is possible that errors have been made when grading. In this case, please discuss it to your section teacher before contacting the course coordinator. Any such request must be accompanied by the regrading request form.

It is not our job to go thorough your graded exam and check whether anywhere further points are giveable, or to look for possible mistakes in grading (this has been done before the exams were returned). Instead, you should come prepared to explain your solution of the problem, and indicate where no credit was given for a correct solution. Note that partial credit can be given only very limited, if there is little written down in the exam. An almost (but not fully) correct solution without any indication of the derivation will not be given points.
Exam scores cannot be contested after the subsequent exam, e.g. we will not consider changes to the score in midterm 1 after midterm 2, and will not consider changes to the score in any midterm after the final.

Posted scores

As a courtesy, we will post on RamCT after each exam a copy of the gradebook as evaluated so far, including a grade predictor. This copy is created by hand and does not update automatically with changes in the gradebook we use. Neither the posted scores, nor the grade predictor are official data and binding. We reserve the right to retract any posted scores due to rounding errors or clerical errors. In particular, changes done to exam scores by later correction, or scores in late makeup exams will not show up in these posted scores. Due to problems with RamCT individual students might not show up in the system. We apologize for these problems which are due to RamCT.

Overrides / Changing Sections

Overrides into full sections will only be given on the first Wednesday of classes and only by the mathematics front office. Neither instructors, nor the course coordinator, will give overrides. There are no exceptions.

If you need to take math 161 now to avoid delaying your studies (other override reasons will be given lower priority), and are unable to register because all sections you could take are full, you must go in person on that Wednesday (before 4pm) to the mathematics front office to apply for an override.

You may (and should) attend class in your desired section for the first week of classes, even if you are waiting for an override. Once you have been given an override, you must attend the section for which you were given an override, even if it is not at your preferred time. You also should still monitor available places in RamCT. Often places become available later because of students deregistering or section size increases.

The same policy applies to section changes, requirements for particular sections (because of other courses) and to missing prerequisites for transfer students.

Academic Honesty

By handing in homework, lab reports and exams you certify that this is your own work. (We encourage you to discuss homework solution strategies and laboratory write-ups with fellow students but the final write-up must be your own. For example it is fine to get help that a certain integral can be solved with a particular substitution, it is not OK to simply copy the details of the substitution from a sheet someone else wrote. If in doubt ask your lecturer or write down the extent the material handed in is other persons work.) The University policies on academic honesty, which can be found here, is enforced in this course. Misrepresenting someone else's work as your own (plagiarism) and possessing unauthorized reference information in any form that could be helpful while taking an exam are examples of cheating. Submitting work from a Solutions Manual or an on-line homework web site as your own are examples of plagiarism. Students judged to have engaged in cheating may be assigned a reduced or failing grade for the assignment or the course and may be referred to the Office of Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct Services for additional disciplinary action.

Late or Missed Homework

Homework is due as announced in class. Written homework is due at the start of class. WebWorK homework is due at 8pm on the day listed (there is a grace period until midnight on the server, official time is 8pm to avoid issues with time drift and accomodate extra buffer time for network problems).
No late homework will be accepted. There is a buffer in counting homework points to take care of a limited number of missed homework.

In case of a long term illness, please contact the course coordinator.