MATH281 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, Fall 2007


Introduce the student to mathematical reasoning and proof. Present techniques and methods which are necessary for higher level math courses. Enforce a better understanding of logic, different kinds of numbers, notation, concepts from analysis, number theory, algebra and combinatorics. Enhance the understanding of functions and relations between arbitrary sets.

General Information


Weeks 1-5: Chapters 1-8
Weeks 6-10: Chapters 10-15
Weeks 11-15: Chapters 17-22


Midterm 1: Wed, 9/19
Midterm 2: Wed, 10/24
Final: during Final's week December 10-14. The exact date can be found on the Registrar's website. It will not be published here.
If you have a conflict, you need to discuss the matter with the teacher well in advance.


Your final grade will be determined from a score of 500. The midterms count 100 each, the homework counts 100, and the final is valued at 200 points.


All homework assignments

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