M502 Combinatorics~II, Spring 2006

M502 Combinatorics II, Spring 2006


Dr. A. Betten, room 207, Weber building

When and where

M  W  F     2:10 - 3:00 ENGRG E106


van Lint / Wilson: Combinatorics, Cambridge


M501 would be nice but this time we open it up to everybody! (I'll give you a brief review in the beginning anyway)


M502 is the second course in a 1-year's sequence of graduate intoductory combinatorics. The goal is to show how basic structures can be attacked with combinatorial methods. This will give the student an understanding of the methods with which discrete structures are explored, constructed and classified. The border to actual research is not very far from where we will be.

Grading Rules

Class participation and homework are essential, as is the final exam. I expect that course participants present small subject topics towards the end of the semester. The mix is: final / subject topic presentation / homework / class participation as to 30 / 30 / 30 / 10.

For further information

Please contact A. Betten:
betten@math.colostate.edu betten@math.colostate.edu

or visit the course webpage at
http://www.math.colostate.edu/ betten/courses/M502/SP06/index.html. http://www.math.colostate.edu/~betten/courses/M502/SP06/index.html

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