Homepage for Math 418: Advanced Calculus

Time/place: MWF 12-1, EE 205

Instructor: Dan Bates

According to the course catalogue, this course should cover line and surface integrals, series and sequences of functions (think Fourier series). I will hit each of these topics in varying degrees, based on the experience of the students, then treat the remainder of the course as a topics course with a smattering of analysis topics that are not covered in our other undergraduate analysis courses. There will be no official book; I will use a variety of resources (books, papers, websites, etc.).


Paper plan

Here are the topics that have already been taken. If you are really excited about one of these and can't find another topic, please let me know and I'll see if the two of you can write different papers on the same general topic.

Technical paper

Practical paper

Talk schedule
W 4/23: Rose, Popp
M 4/28: Jacobs, Cappella
W 4/30: Pickman, Budai
F 5/2: Zigterman, He
M 5/5: Hu, Burke
W 5/7: Li, Zbacnik
F 5/9: Big wrap-up, course evaluations