Homepage for Math 152: Mathematical Algorithms with MAPLE

Main info

Meeting times: TH 4-7 (Feb. 23 -- Apr. 5 only!)

Meeting place: Weber 205 (Math Lab)

Instructor: Dan Bates (bates [AT] math.colostate.edu, Weber 221, 1-1037)

Office hours: MW 1-2 (in Weber 205).

Course notes: I will post lecture notes before each class, as well as your assignment. Also, here are some older course notes (same as the 151 lecture notes) by Prof. Anton Better that might be handy for you.

Syllabus: here

WARNING: To open a lecture, right click on the link and save it to your desktop. From there, you can double click it or open it through Maple (available from the Start menu).
Tuesday, February 24 here here
Thursday, February 26 here here
Tuesday, March 3 here here
Thursday, March 5 here here
Tuesday, March 10 here here
Thursday, March 12 here here
Tuesday, March 24 here here
Thursday, March 26 No class -- snow day!
Tuesday, March 31 No lecture - we'll start poker today. here
Thursday, April 2 here in class

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