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Meeting times: MWF 8-8:50 a.m.

Meeting place: Engineering E205

Instructor: Prof. Dan Bates (bates [AT] math.colostate.edu, Weber 221, 1-1037)

My office hours for 369: Tuesday 1-3 (see the syllabus for 8 office hours by other people for this course!)

Textbook: A First Course in Linear Algebra, by Robert Beezer. (Free and online!)

Syllabus: pdf, ps, dvi


Dec. 10: I WILL HAVE EXTRA OFFICE HOURS THIS WEEK as we prepare for the final. For this class, they will be Thursday, 1-3.

Wednesday, September 17: Thanks to some quick work by Prof. Achter and Prof. McArthur, I have posted some solutions to the homework assignments. Please let me know if you have further questions - questions are good! I will try to post homework solutions ASAP as we go along from now on. Feel free to bug me if I fall behind!

Sunday, August 31: Don't forget that homework #1 is due on Wednesday, September 3! Be sure to check out the tips page (below) for help on Gaussian elimination and #3 (the proof).



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