Homepage for Math 229-001: Matrices and Linear Equations

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Meeting times: TTh 9-9:50 a.m.

Meeting place: Engineering E205

Instructor: Prof. Dan Bates (bates [AT] math.colostate.edu, Weber 221, 1-1037)

My office hours for 229: Monday 1-2, Wednesday 2-3 (but emailed questions and appointments are also always welcome!)

Textbook: Basic Matrix Algebra with Algorithms and Applications by Robert A. Liebler (CSU prof!), Chapman & Hall/CRC 2003, ISBN 1-58488-333-2. errata

Syllabus and schedule: pdf, ps, dvi


Dec. 10: I WILL HAVE EXTRA OFFICE HOURS THIS WEEK as we prepare for finals. For this class, they will be Friday, 1-3.


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Practice tests: #1 (solutions) #2 (solutions) #3 (solutions) Final (solutions)

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