Dan Bates
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

The NAGlab, Spring 2014
Left to right: Me, Brent Davis, Steve Ihde, Tim Hodges, Matt Niemerg, Eric Hanson, Jesse Drendel, and (a slightly photoshopped) Prof. Chris Peterson

Office: 120 Weber
Phone: (970) 491-1037
(CSU does not provide voicemail. Please email if you have trouble catching me in my office.)
Fax: (970) 491-2161
Email: bates [AT] math.colostate.edu
(I also use my gmail account, dan.bates.math, regularly)


I am a numerical algebraic geometer in the math department at CSU. I have various research interests, though my work revolves around the numerical solution of polynomial systems. In particular, much of my work so far is in some way related to the field of numerical algebraic geometry (numerical methods for computing quantities and structures related to polynomial systems). Here is a broader (but not complete) list of some areas that interest me:
  • SIAM has recently created a new journal, SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, and I have agreed to serve as an Associate Editor. Here is the website.
  • Development of Bertini 2.0 is underway. See the Github page or come to a meeting about it in May 2016 at Notre Dame.
  • I am the course coordinator for Math 261 (Calculus III). The course webpage is here.
  • Interested in voting theory? Go read the 1992 New York Times article Tsongkerclintkinbro wins (not too many hits with google, believe it or not), then try running the ballots through the python code I cooked up for CSU Math Circles 2016.

My cv (pdf)
Preprints (my cv is generally more up to date)
Here are slides of a "Numerical algebraic geometry boot camp" I gave at Notre Dame in Spring '16.
Students (NAGlab page)
Official Bertini website
Links to collaborators
Some of my work is supported by the National Science Foundation, particularly via grants DMS-0914674, DMS-1025564, DMS-1115668, and ACI-1440467 (see note at bottom of page).
Recent support has also come from the Air Force, via grant FA8650-13-1-7317.


Spring 2017
Math 261: Calculus III (just the coordinator, not teaching a section)
Math 451: Intro to Numerical Analysis 2 (MWF 12, Eng E206)

Previous courses

Seminars and reading/research groups
NAGlab (Numerical algebraic geometry lab), meeting times vary; contact me if interested in attending
FRAGmeNT Seminar
Applied Math Seminar
Other departmental seminars

Upcoming/recent conferences of interest and other trips
Visit Courant Institute of Mathematics at NYU (NYC, November 2016)
JMM 2017 (Atlanta, January 2017), particularly this session
SLAM 2017 (Albuquerque, March 2017)
Visit Courant Institute of Mathematics at NYU (NYC, March 2017)
Polynomials, kinematics, and robots: A conference honoring Charles Wampler (Notre Dame, June 2017)
FoCM 2017 (Barcelona, Spain, July 2017), particularly this session
ISSAC 2017 (Kaiserslautern, Germany, July 2017)
SIAM Annual Meeting 2017 (Pittsburgh, July 2017)
SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (AG17) (Atlanta, July 2017)
AMS Fall Western Sectional 2017 (Denton, TX, September 2017), particularly this section.
SIAM Central States Section Meeting (CSU, September/October 2017).
SIAM Annual meeting 2018 (Portland, July 2018)
Summer school on Applied Algebraic Geometry (Rome, Summer 2018)
ICERM special semester on Nonlinear Algebra (Providence, Fall 2018)

Math organizations

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