Amit Joshi, Wolfgang Bangerth, Ruchi Sharma, John Rasmussen, Wei Wang, and Eva Sevick
Molecular tomographic imaging of lymph nodes with NIR fluorescence
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Arlington, VA, 2007, pp. 564-567.

This contribution describes a system and method for tomographically imaging lymph nodes marked with a lymph endothelium targeting fluorescence reporter. A novel scanning NIR laser line source was employed to acquire multiple sets of boundary fluorescence measurements in the groin region of a Yorkshire swine. The source light shaped into a linear profile was modulated at 100MHz and a gain modulated homodyne ICCD detection system was used to collect area measurements of fluorescence amplitude and phase on the illumination plane. Multiple measurement data sets generated by scanning the excitation sources were processed simultaneously to generate the interior fluorescence distribution in tissue by implementing a parallelized dual adaptive finite element based fluorescence tomography algorithm. Three dimensional localization of the approximately 2.5cm deep inguinal lymph node in swine groin following injection of $100\mu{L}$ of lymph targeting Hyaluronan-Indocyanine Green conjugate dye is demonstrated.

Wolfgang Bangerth
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