Kildong Hwang, Tianshu Pan, Amit Joshi, John C. Rasmussen, Wolfgang Bangerth, Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
Influence of excitation light rejection on forward model mismatch in optical tomography
Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 51 (2006), pp. 5889-5902.

Fluorescence enhanced tomography for molecular imaging requires low background for detection and accurate image reconstruction. In this contribution, we show that excitation light leakage is responsible for elevated background and can be minimized with the use of gradient index (GRIN) lenses when using fibre optics to collect propagated fluorescence light from tissue or other biological media. We show that the model mismatch between frequency-domain photon migration (FDPM) measurements and the diffusion approximation prediction is decreased when GRIN lenses are placed prior to the interference filters to provide efficient excitation light rejection. Furthermore, model mismatch is correlated to the degree of excitation light leakage. This work demonstrates the importance of proper light filtering when designing fluorescence optical imaging and tomography.

Wolfgang Bangerth
Thu Jun 14 16:00:01 MDT 2018