Amit Joshi, Wolfgang Bangerth, Kildong Hwang, John C. Rasmussen, Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
Plane wave fluorescence tomography with adaptive finite elements
Optics Letters, vol. 31 (2006), pp. 193-195.

We present three dimensional fluorescence yield tomography of a tissue phantom in a non-contact reflectance imaging setup. The method employs planar illumination with modulated light and frequency domain fluorescence measurements made on the illumination plane. An adaptive finite element algorithm is used to handle the ill-posed and computationally demanding inverse image reconstruction problem. Tomographic images of fluorescent targets buried at 1$cm$ to 2$cm$ depths from the illumination surface demonstrate the feasibility of fluorescence tomography from reflectance tomography in clinically relevant tissue volumes.

Wolfgang Bangerth
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