Paul L. Stoffa, Mrinal K. Sen, Roustam Seifoullaev, Hector Klie, Xiuli Gai, Wolfgang Bangerth, Jaroon Rungamornrat, Mary F. Wheeler
An analysis of flow-simulation scales and seismic response
Proceedings of the SEG, 2005.

Accurate integration of flow simulation and seismic modeling is one of the cornerstones of reliable time-lapse (4D) seismic monitoring. However, the question which scales flow simulations need to resolve to accurately capture reservoir changes during production and whether these scales are resolvable in seismic data is an open one. The answer impacts computational costs and our ability to predict reservoir changes from seismic observations. A sensitivity study is performed to determined the main seismic features due to pressure and saturation changes in an oil-gas reservoir during production. Numerical experiments show that saturation fronts can be effectively tracked at different flow and seismic resolution levels.

Wolfgang Bangerth
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