Hector Klie, Wolfgang Bangerth, Xiuli Gai, Mary F. Wheeler, Paul L. Stoffa, Mrinal Sen, M. Parashar, Umit Catalyurek, Joel Saltz, Tahsin Kurc
Models, methods and middleware for Grid-enabled multiphysics oil reservoir management
Engineering with Computers, vol. 22 (2006), pp. 349-370.

Meeting the demands for energy entails a better understanding and characterization of the fundamental processes of reservoirs and of how human made objects affect these systems. The need to perform extensive reservoir studies for either uncertainty assessment or optimal exploitation plans brings up demands of computing power and data management in a more pervasive way. This work focuses on high performance numerical methods, tools and Grid-enabled middleware systems for scalable and data-driven computations for multiphysics simulation and decision-making processes in integrated multiphase flow applications. The proposed suite of tools and systems consists of: (1) a scalable reservoir simulator, (2) novel stochastic optimization algorithms, (3) decentralized autonomic Grid middleware tools, and (4) middleware systems for large scale data storage, querying, and retrieval. The aforementioned components offer enormous potential for performing data-driven studies and efficient execution of complex, large scale reservoir models in a collaborative environment.

Wolfgang Bangerth
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