My style of work is as part of collaborations, be it as part of the groups that develop the deal.II or Aspect software packages, or within my research group within the Department of Mathematics. Below are the current and former members of my group.

Current members of my research group

Wolfgang Bangerth, professor
Juliane Dannberg, postdoc
PhD: Geophysics, 2016
Rene Gassmoeller, postdoc
PhD: Geophysics, 2015
Hung-Chieh Chu, graduate student
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Arezou Ghesmati, graduate student
Major: Mathematics

Former members

Timo Heister, former postdoc Jörg Frohne, former postdoc Markus Bürg, former postdoc
Bruno Turcksin, former postdoc
Moritz Allmaras, former graduate student Karl Ljungqvist, former visiting graduate student Hannah Ludwig, former visiting graduate student
Lei Qiao, former visiting graduate student Fang Wang, former graduate student Kainan Wang, former graduate student
Jennifer Webster, former graduate student