Applied Math Seminar
Colorado State University

Spring 2018
Thursdays 3-4pm in Weber 223 (unless otherwise specified)
Organizer: David Aristoff

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
February 8

Forest Mannan
Colorado School of Mines
Simulating Cilia in Stokes Flow

February 15

Menno Fraters
Utrecht University
Efficient and Practical Newton Solvers for Nonlinear Stokes Systems in Geodynamic Problems

February 22

Steffen Borgwardt
UC Denver
Operations Research in Land Exchange

March 1

Anton Dzhamay
University of Northern Colorado
Gap Probabilities in q-Racah tiling model and discrete Painlevé equations

March 8

Aleksey Telyakovskiy
University of Nevada Reno
Fractional Calculus: some topics from modeling, numerics and analytics.

March 15

Spring Break

March 22

Sean O'Rourke
CU Boulder
Singular values and vectors under random perturbation

Monday March 26 at 4pm

Gideon Simpson
Drexel University
Approaches to Metastability in Materials Science
Math department colloquium -- Note: unusual time and date!
March 29

Nikola Stoilov
Institut de mathematiques de Bourgogne
Numerical study of gradient catastrophe stability in integrable dispersive equations

Tuesday April 3 at 3pm

Marc Fehling
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Fire Simulation with adaptive FEM
Note: unusual date!
April 5

Rongsong Liu
University of Wyoming
Modeling the Dynamics of Woody Plant-Herbivore Interactions with Age-Dependent Toxicity

April 12

Julien Chaput
CSU math
Elastic wave resonances on the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica

April 19

Will Kleiber
CU Boulder
Multivariate Random Fields and Their Applications in Climate Science

April 24 at 3pm

Randy Tagg
UC Denver
Applied Nonlinear Dynamics: Unusual Behavior in Self-Sustained Electronic Oscillators
joint seminar with Applied Dynamics Lab

Note: unusual date!
April 26

Mahadevan Ganesh
Colorado School of Mines
Low-frequency excitation in unbounded 3D dielectric media: Formulation, analysis and applications

May 3

Dan Zuckerman
Oregon Health & Science University
Basic theory of trajectories in physical systems with application to “super parallel” simulation of biomolecules