David Aristoff's homepage Title: HPC in Basin Modeling: Simulating mechanical compaction through vertical effective stress using level sets

Abstract: In the context of the numerical modeling of hydrogeological phenomena, we present a model for the simulation of the movement of geological layer formations during the idealized evolution of a sedimentary basin undergoing sedimentation and compaction processes. We treat the basin as a porous medium saturated with a single phase fluid and the sedimentary layers as distinct rock types deposited at various rates with various material properties, e.g. permeability, compressibility. Focusing on the geometry of the sedimentary layers as sedimentation increases the vertical effective stress, driving the expulsion of pore fluid, we implement an implicit interface tracking technique, the level set method, to follow the interfaces between the compacting layers. The motivation for using this numerical technique is to be able to handle potentially large deformations of these layer interfaces. The movement of these interfaces is prescribed through the coupling of the pressure in the pore fluid, the material properties of the layer and an empirical compaction rule. We present the model system, consisting of diffusion and advection type equations, their discretization using finite elements, and some numerical experiments conducted with the FEM library deal.II.