Amit Patel

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University


Weber 217

Department of Mathematics
1874 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1874

Research Interests

I am an applied topologist. Much of my work is motivated by questions coming from data analysis. What is the shape of a data set? Data is noisy so any answer to this question must be stable to perturbations. Most of my work has focused on two tools: persistent homology and Reeb spaces for maps (a.k.a. stratified coverings).

I have been working on developing a theory of persistence for maps since graduate school. This problem is very hard. I have made progress towards this direction by studying something we call the "well groups" associated to a map. For the past five years, Bob MacPherson and I have been working on a sheaf theoretic approach to this question. Expect a paper soon!

I am looking for graduate students interested in thinking about data analysis, topology, (co)sheaves, and algorithms.

Here is my CV.

Teaching Spring 2017

Math 567 - Abstract Algebra II


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Slide talk: TGDA@OSU

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Part of the series Mathematics and Visualization.

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