SSEA Math Module - Summer 2012

SSEA Math Module 2012

Instructor: Henry Adams
Email: henry dot adams at colostate dot edu

Welcome to the Stanford Summer Engineering Academy Math Module for summer 2012!

The course is divided into two tracks. In the Math 41 track we will study single variable calculus; the goal is to become comfortable with limits, derivatives, and integrals. In the Math 51 track we will learn the basics of linear algebra; the goal is to give you a head start with material that is likely new to you.

On the first day of class your will take a diagnostic test to determine your track for the summer. On the last day of class you will take a final exam, and we will recommend a course for you to take during the academic school year based on this final exam. Note that your summer track placement does not determine what course we will recommend!

The tracks have lectures and sections on alternate days from 1:30-2:30.

Here are the diagnostic test and solutions. The exam was out of 70 points. The average score was 43.9, the median score was 48, and the standard deviation was 13.9. The advised cutoff for the math 51 track is 47 out of 70.

Math 41 track

Math 51 track