WAGS Fall 2016

October 15-16, 2016
Colorado State University

Emily Clader
San Francisco State University
Luis Garcia
University of Toronto
Diane Maclagan
University of Warwick
Sandra Di Rocco
Brooke Ullery
University of Utah

About WAGS

WAGS is a twice-yearly meeting of algebraic geometers in the western half of the United States and Canada that traces its origins back to the Utah-UCLA Algebraic Geometry Seminar started in 1989.

Long term planning for WAGS is currently being organized by Aaron Bertram, Sebastian Casalaina-Martin, Renzo Cavalieri, Sándor Kovács, Ravi Vakil, and Bianca Viray.

For more information about WAGS, please visit http://www.wagsymposium.org


The meeting will be held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Registration and coffee breaks will take place in the Department of Mathematics, located in the Weber building. Lectures will take place in the TILT building next door. Click here for a campus map and locator; Weber is on the oval in the north-east corner of campus.


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Financial Assistance

WAGS is partially supported by a grant from the NSF. Our policy is not to fund senior participants; we hope that the conference will be attractive enough that senior algebraic geometers will come of their own volition. However, we try to fund all graduate students and unfunded post-docs (from the western two time zones of the continent).

Details on how to apply will be coming soon.


coming soon


You can travel to Fort Collins by airplane or car:

Local Information

It's fun in the Fort.

Local organizers

Renzo Cavalieri, Jeff Achter, Ryan Becker, Vance Blankers, Chris Peterson and Mark Shoemaker.