There are number of resources available to help you succeed. Some of these include:

Calculus Center

The Calculus Center is in Weber 17. During the semester, it is open 9AM-5PM Monday through Wednesday, 9AM-4PM on Thursday and 9AM-2PM on Friday. You can show up any time to get help with this course. Your instructor, like every instructor for the course, will have regularly scheduled office hours there. However, you can get help from anybody working in the Calculus Center.
9 Eddy Mukthineni Lewis Mukthineni Lewis
10 Kassab Kassab Kassab Noah Pinckney
11 Mukthineni Noah Pinckney
12 Cooper Balch Krause Balch Cooper
1 Owens Mukthineni Owens Eddy
2 Mukthineni Roberts Kassab Davis
3 Sencindiver Kassab Sencindiver
4 Krause Davis


Free tutoring is also available at The Institute for Learning and Teaching. Tutoring is available Sunday-Thursday, 5PM-10PM.