Information about web pages and phone lists

This page collects instructions on how to change information on the web pages, the schedule and the phone list. Unless you intitiate changes in this information yourself, nothing will be available automatically.


Who can help me?
Course webpages
Office number, Phone numbers, Links to web pages
News page, Calendar
Departmental pages
How to create personal web pages
How to get a copy of the phone lists, see a persons schedule

Who can help me?

If you don't want to read the whole page, the following is a brief list on who can help you with what:

Links to Course Pages Annette Gonzales
Links to Home Pages Bryan Elder
Phone Number or Office changes, Calendar Karena Alons-Topf
News pageChristie Franklin
Graduate Program PagesBryan Elder
Course Pages (e.g. Calculus, M229)Course Coordinator
Photos Bryan Elder
General Departmental Pages Bryan Elder
Software InstallationZube
General Computer Problems (in particular Windows) ACNS or Zube
Officetimes / ScheduleSee this web page

Course Pages

A list of courses exists at

Your couse home page(s) will be listed there if and only if you send the adresses to Annette Gonzales. (There is no mechanism that will pick up course homepages automatically once they're ``published''.)

Once you set up your page please send Annette (gonzales@math) the full link to it. Please give it (even if it is the same as in a previous semester) in the form as entered into a web browser such as:

and not the place where you edit the files such as:


on the S: drive

Please send such a link even if you taught the same course a previous semester and the page address stayed the same: There is no automatic mechanism to transfer such links between semesters as the course list is built anew every term.

As there has been some confusion about pages for coordinated courses, the following policy is used:
The default is to link to sections *through* the general (coordinator) course page. If this is inappropriate (because your section is not coordinated, or because there is no coordinator page) check with the course coordinator and only then submit the link to Annette.
Course coordinators please communicate this policy to the section teachers as well.

Schedule File

If you are teaching courses, the department would like you to maintain a schedule file that lists courses and office hours. You will find information on how to create such a file on the web page

Please be aware that (to avoid picking up outdated information for the schedule) the program will ignore files that are older than May 16, 2006. In the rare case that you got your new schedule set up before that date, please just save the file anew from the editor to update the storage date.

If you are new to the department, please make sure that you are in the departmental data base -- otherwise your schedule will not appear.

Office number, Phone numbers, Links to web pages

Information on the department pages about the department's members is kept in a data base that is maintained by Karena Alons-Topf in the front office.

If your office, phone number, email etc. changes or is not listed at all, please give this information to Karena for this data base.

If you have a home page that you want to be linked to the math website, please give this information to Bryan Elder. The web pages then will pick up these changes in due course.

(The data base contains further information, such as home phone numbers that will not be made available on the web pages, but is used to build our phone lists -- The only information that will be published on the web is: Name, Office, Office Phone, Homepage, Schedule)

For details on how to print a copy of the phone lists or the collected departmental information see below.

News, Calendar

Christie Franklin will collect information that should go on the ``news'' page (such as: Visitors, Talks, Alumni news and so on.) This page will be updated once a week.

Karena Alons-Topf maintains the departmental calendar on the web pages which lists events.

Departmental pages

If information on the departmental pages needs updating, please let Bryan Elder know. However he is not able to do changes to pages for coordinated courses (e.g. M160, M229, M261, M340 and so on) as these files belong to the respective course coordinators. In this case please talk to the course coordinator. For questions concerning the graduate program pages please talk to Bryan Elder.


The list of names in the lobby of the Weber building carries pictures, primarily to help us to know new department members and to help students to remember who is teaching their course section.

If you are unhappy with your picture (or no picture is available) we can either take a new photo, or take a photo submitted by you. Please contact Bryan Elder for details.

(As printing the sheets is nontrivial cost, updates to the sheets will not always be immediate.)

How to create personal webpages

If you do not have a homepage yet, but want to create one you can do the following:

In short, material that sits in your ~/public_html directory on stokes will be accessible under

If you are using Windows, not Unix, this is the public_html folder on your S: drive.

The default file that will be shown must be called index.html (otherwise you will see a directory listing).

To have your page linked to from the departmental pages, please have it added to the data base

In general files have to be HTML files for web pages (e.g. Mozilla has a built in HTML editor called ``Composer', or if you like Windows you can export from Word as HTML), but it is also possible to put other files there, e.g. PDFs of homework solutions.

Make sure that permissions are set correctly. You need (Added are commands on how to do it under Unix -- under Windows you can do it via the ``property' dialogue) to do:

Your home directory must be world executable
cd ~
chmod go+x .
The public_html directory must be world readable and executable
cd ~/public_html
chmod go+rx .
All files in the public_html directory must be world readable.
cd ~/public_html
chmod go+r *

The university wants you to know about its graphical standards which can be accessed at:

In particular, they seem to want student pages to link to the disclaimer page: )

How to get a copy of the phone lists, see a person's schedule

Printable versions of the phone list(s) and the general schedule list are available on the departmental secure server (note the ``s'' in https!) under Department Information

The first time you access this server you have to tell your web browser to accept the certificate for this site.

Faculty can log in as user ``faculty'' with the same password as used to view the files for new hires, other users can log in as user ``mathdept'' with a password to be obtainable from Alexander Hulpke.

To see an individual person's schedule, click on their office number on the departmental web pages.