Schedule for Henry Adams

Last update: 8/29/2017
TimeMondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayFriday
9am Math 570 (Weber202)   Math 570 (Weber202)   Math 570 (Weber202)
10am   Math 570 office hours (Weber125) Math 570 office hours (Weber125) Department Tea (Weber117)  
11am   Occasional AATRN Online Seminar (Weber125) Occasional AATRN Online Seminar (Weber125) Faculty Meeting (Weber201)  
1pm         Optimization and ML Reading Group (Weber11)
2pm   Optimization and ML Reading Group (Weber11)      
4pm       Seminar (Weber) Biweekly Seminar (Weber117)
5pm         Biweekly Seminar (Weber117)

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