Past Conferences

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SIAM conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry
August 1 - 4, 2013


2010 MAA Rocky Mountain Section Meeting
April 16th & 17th, 2010

NSF Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulations for Soft Materials September 13th & 17th, 2010


Colorado State University Symposium on Imaging
Monday, January 28, 2008


CSU - Workshop on Inverse Problems and Applications
Fort Collins, July 30 - August 3, 2007


CSU- LANL Workshop on Data Driven Modeling
Fort Collins, September 28 , 2006


Workshop on geometry and symmetry in numerical computation
Fort Collins, August 8-10, 2005


Conference ``Finite Geometries, Groups and Computation''
Pingree Park, September 4-9, 2004
Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Fort Collins, October 9-10
2004 Brauer Group Conference at Pingree Park, June 27-July 3
Organizers: Frank DeMeyer, David Saltman
3rd Annual Intermountain/Southwest Conference on Industrial and Interdisciplinary Mathematics
Tempe, AZ, February 27 - February 28, 2004


Special Session on Finite Geometries
AMS 2003 Joint Central and Western Section Meeting Boulder, CO, October 2-4, 2003
Organizers: Robert Liebler, Stan Payne
Special Session on Algebraic Geometry
AMS 2003 Joint Central and Western Section Meeting Boulder, CO, October 2-4, 2003
Organizers: Holger Kley, Rick Miranda, Chris Peterson
PRIMES Workshop on Data-Model Fusion, June 03
See for more information.
Workshop "Dynamics and Bifurcation of Patterns in Dissipative Systems
May 19-22, 2003, Colorado State University
See for more information. Intermountain/Southwest Conference on INDUSTRIAL & INTERDISCIPLINARY MATHEMATICS
February 28 - March 1, 2003


First Mummy Range Workshop in Electrical Impedance Tomography
August 4-7, 2002, Pingree Park Campus of Colorado State University
See for more information.
Prof. Mueller is the local organizer for this workshop.
Joint AMS-UMI International Meeting
June 12-16, 2002, University of Pisa, Italy.
See for more information.
Both Prof. Peterson and Prof. Miranda are organizing special sessions.


SECAM: Southeast Conference on Applied Mathematics
November 9-11, 2001, North Carolina State University.
See for more information.
Prof. Don Estep is an organizer.
Workshop on the Preservation of Stability under Discretization
Wednesday - Saturday, May 30-June 2, Colorado State University.
See http:/ for more information.
Organized by Don Estep and Simon Tavener; sponsored by the NSF and CSU.


NBER/NSF Time Series Workshop
Friday and Saturday, September 22-23, Colorado State University.
See for more information.
2000 AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference
in Algorithms, Computational Complexity, and Models of Computation for Nonlinear and Multivariate Problems.
Sunday, July 16, 2000 to Thursday, July 20, 2000 at Mount Holyoke College.
See for more information. Gene Allgower and Kurt Georg of CSU are among the organizers.
Using Scientific Notebook to Teach and Learn Mathematics
June 26 through June 30, 2000 in Room NESB B302 in the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education on the Colorado State University campus.
Our own Prof. Darel Hardy, along with Prof. Carol Walker of NMSU, will be running this informative workshop.
See Workshop Web Page for more information.
Aspects of Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra
May 18-20, College Station, TX (Texas A+M)
See for information.
Workshop on Dynamics, Bifurcations and Patterns
May 3-4, Fort Collins, CO (Colorado State University - Here!)
Organized by Gerhard Dangelmayr and Iuliana Oprea
See for details.
Spring 2000 Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the MAA
April 7-8, Fort Collins, CO (Here!)
See for information.
Workshop on Zero-Dimensional Schemes and Applications
February 9-12, 2000 in Naples, Italy.
See Worshop Web Page for information.


ISETA-99 Twenty-ninth Annual Conference
October 14-16, 1999 in Tempe, Arizona.
See for information.
Our own Gloria Balderrama has served as this conference's registrar for many years.
AMS/MAA Winter Meetings, San Antonio, January 13-16, 1999.
See for information.


Western Algebraic Geometry Seminar, MSRI Berkeley, December 5-6, 1998.
See for information.
Division Algebras, Colorado State University, June 1998.
Sponsored by the NSF and hosted by Frank DeMeyer, this conference attracted over 50 participants from around the world. The principal speaker was David Saltman of the University of Texas, who gave a series of five lectures on Division Algebras. There were 20 other talks given during the conference.