Research in Optimization and Mathematical Modeling

The following faculty members have research interests in Optimization and Mathematical Modeling. Details about each persons research, publications and information about thesis topics can be found on each person's home page.

Margaret Cheney

Inverse Problems, Radar Imaging

Edwin Chong

Control and Optimization, Communication Networks, Wireless Systems

Gerhard Dangelmayr

Dynamical Systems and Applications

Oleg Emanouilov

Differential Equations, Control Theory

Michael Kirby

Computational and Applied Mathematics, Geometric methods in pattern analysis, empirical analysis of large data sets, optimization and mathematical modeling, signal and image processing,Optimal low-dimensional systems and modeling

Iuliana Oprea

Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability and Bifurcation, Dynamical Systems, Pattern Formation, Mathematical Modeling

Olivier Pinaud

Partial Differential Equations, Waves in Random Media, Inverse Problems, Quantum Transport

Patrick Shipman

Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology, Applied Math

Colleen Webb

Theoretical Ecology and Evolution