Colorado State University
Colorado State University  

Mathematical Colloquium

Making Mindsets Matter: Classroom Cultures That Increase Student Engagement, Learning, and Achievement in Mathematics

By  Catherine Good
From  The Department of Psychology
Baruch College
When  Thursday, March 22, 2018
1:00 pm
Where  TILT 221

I’m just not a math person! How many times have you heard this statement as an excuse for students’ low performance in math? But it conveys more than just an also belies an underlying mindset about the nature of one’s math abilities. And as research has shown, how students think about themselves as learners...their mindsets...have important implications for their motivation, learning, engagement and performance. In this session, Dr. Good will share research on a variety of mindsets that shape students’ identities as learners. These include beliefs about the nature of math intelligence, feelings of academic belonging, and purpose.

Jess Ellis Hagman