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Interaction between a Fluid and Elastic and Poroelastic Materials with Applications to Blood Flow

By  Martina Bukac
From  Department of Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics
University of Notre Dame
When  Monday, October 16, 2017
4:00 pm
Where  Weber 223

The interaction between a fluid, elastic structure, and poroelastic material plays a fundamental role in any biomedical applications. An example of such application is the interaction between blood, arterial wall, and blood clot. This multi-physics problem features three different types of coupling: fluid-elastic structure coupling, fluid-poroelastic material coupling, and elastic structure-poroelastic material coupling, resulting in a fully coupled, non-linear, moving boundary problem. As a consequence, numerical algorithms that split the fluid dynamics, structure mechanics, and poroelastic material dynamics are a natural choice. We propose stable, partitioned methods for the coupled problem. We present numerical tests where we investigate the effects of the material properties of the poroelastic medium on the fluid flow. Our findings indicate that the flow patterns highly depend on the storativity of the poroelastic material.

James Liu