Research in Algebra, Combinatorics and Number Theory

The following faculty members have research interests in Algebra, Combinatorics, and Number Theory. Details about each persons research, publications and information about thesis topics can be found on each person's home page.

Jeff Achter

Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Mathematical Ecology and Evolution

Dan Bates

Numerical Algebraic Geometry, Scientific Computation

Anton Betten

Combinatorics, Coding theory, Design theory

Jeanne Duflot

Algebraic Topology, Algebraic Geometry, K-Theory

Alexander Hulpke

(Computational) Group Theory, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Symbolic Computation

Ross McConnell

Algorithms and graph theory

Rick Miranda

Algebraic Geometry, Provost and Executive Vice President

Amit Patel

Applied Topology

Rachel Pries

Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, Galois theory

James Wilson

Groups, algebras, and computation