GTA/GRA Stipend, Health Insurance, Tuition and Fee information

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GTA/GRA Stipend
Stipend Level 9-month Salary
MS/PhD-0: Has not passed Part I of PhD qualifiers $17,635.00
PhD-1: Passed Part I of PhD qualifiers $18,180.00
PhD-2: Passed Preliminary Examination $18,685.00
Health Insurance

Good health care is essential to your academic success! The Student Health Insurance plan is designed to work in conjunction with the Student Fee funded services provided at the CSU Health Network to ensure students have access to comprehensive high quality care. This program provides benefits both within the CSU Health Network and when services are provided outside of the CSU Health network.

Students enrolled in 5 or fewer credits are eligible for the student health insurance program; however, they must sign up for the program at the Student Health Insurance Office. They will NOT be automatically enrolled.

Students enrolled in at least 6 credits will be automatically enrolled in the program; they may apply to waive the coverage if their current policy meets comparable standards of the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you have questions about the CSU health insurance or insurance options for dependents, please visit the CSU Health Network website or call the CSU Health Network at 970-491-5118.

A health insurance contribution is available to those graduate assistants (GTA, GRA, GSA) who meet the eligibility criteria described below. Graduate assistants do not need to apply for this benefit. Each semester, a health insurance contribution will automatically be applied to the student account and taxed through payroll around mid-September and mid-February for the fall and spring semesters respectively. Depending on the number of semesters appointed, the health insurance contribution varies. See below for details.

Health Insurance Contribution Criteria
  1. Appointed to a 25% (10 hours per week) or more assistantship (GTA, GRA, GSA) by the end of the regular add/drop period and

  2. Enrolled in CSU health insurance and

  3. Enrolled in a resident-instruction (on-campus) graduate program for 5 or more resident instruction (on-campus) credits. Students enrolled in CSU Online courses through the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) do not meet eligibility criteria.

Health Insurance Contribution
  • If the student meets the Graduate Assistantship eligibility requirements in both the fall and spring semesters, the CSU health insurance contribution will cover 100% of the fall, spring and summer health insurance premiums.
  • If the student meets the Graduate Assistantship eligibility requirements for only one semester, the CSU health insurance contribution will cover only the insurance premium for that semester.

The summer premium will NEVER be covered when a student serves as a (GTA, GRA, GSA) for only one semester. However, because the spring/summer tuition is combined for insurance purposes, the cost of the summer premium is subtracted from the CSU health care contribution for those students appointed as a Graduate Assistant in the spring semester.

Student Employee retirement Plan (SERP)

Graduate student being paid as a GTA/GRA who are enrolled in less than 5 credits each semester for the academic year and 3 credits for summer will automatically be enrolled in SERP and will have a total of 8.95% (7.5% SERP and 1.45% Medicare) withheld from gross earnings for each pay period worked. A retirement savings account will be established in the student's name at TIAA/CREF.

Students must be registered by the census date for each term in order to be exempt. Adding credits after census date will not exempt an employee from the mandatory SERP assessment.

Tuition and Fees

Graduate tuition and fees can be found here. Students are responsible for all fees regardless of support.