** NOTE: in all references below, MPE refers to either the unproctored Math Placement Exam or the proctored Math Challenge Exam.

How do I get my results?

    Your results will display as soon as you log in to the MPE website using your eID. The Mathematics Department cannot give you results over the telephone because of federal law regarding privacy of educational records. If you have questions about the MPE, contact the PACe Office (Weber 137; (970) 491-5761).

May I take the exam again?

    Students who are new to the University may attempt the Math Placement Exam remotely one time in a non-proctored setting prior to their term of admission. All students may take the Math Challenge Exam a total of two times in a proctored setting. To take the exam in a proctored setting on campus, you must request it on a walk-in basis in the PACe Testing Center (Weber 138). Bring your Colorado State student ID card, and a pencil or pen. You must use the TI-84 calculator provided by the PACe Testing Center for walk-in exams.

Should I take the exam again?

    If you did not prepare before taking the MPE or feel you can do better with further review, yes, you should review and take the exam again. Consult with your adviser concerning your degree requirements and the importance of retaking the exam to your program of study. To study for the MPE, use the review materials prepared by the Department of Mathematics.

What happens if I don't do very well on the MPE?

    All students taking the MPE will be placed into at least MATH 101, Math in the Social Sciences. The other entry-level math courses at Colorado State have enforced prerequisites that require you to demonstrate a greater level of algebra proficiency on the MPE than is required for MATH 101. The entry-level math courses are:
                 MATH 101 (Math in the Social Sciences),
                 MATH 105 (Patterns of Phenomena),
                 MATH 117 (College Algebra in Context I).

    Be sure to consult with your adviser before deciding that MATH 101 is the right course for you. MATH 101 does not satisfy degree requirements for many majors. MATH 101 does not prepare you for any other course at the University, and MATH 101 does not satisfy the prerequisite for MATH 117 (or any other course at CSU),

What if MATH 101 is the wrong course for me?

    If you are still eligible to re-take the MPE, you can study and take the exam again. When you check your placement results, you will also find a link to the ELM Tutorial. Instructions for the ELM Tutorial are found under this link. You can complete this tutorial online and then take the proctored ELM Exam in the PACe Testing Center (Weber 138). The ELM Exam can qualify you to register for MATH 105 and MATH 117.

How do I get the credit I earned on the MPE?

    You must take the Math Challenge Exam in a proctored setting to qualify for course credit by exam. On campus, you would do this in the PACe Testing Center (Weber 138). If you qualify for course credit, you must register for it to guarantee it will appear on your transcript. There is no additional tuition charge for this credit. The registration numbers used for placement credit are published in the Class Schedule. If you are not eligible to register for these "credit by exam" sections, you will receive an error if you try to add them to your class schedule. If you have any questions about registering for earned placement credit, please speak with the staff in the PACe Office (Weber 137; (970) 491-5761).


CLEARED to register for:  MATH 101

    You have met the prerequisite for only this entry-level math course. You may either register for MATH 101, Math in the Social Sciences, re-take the MPE, or complete the ELM Tutorial and take the ELM Exam to try to improve your placement status. MATH 101 will not satisfy the degree requirements for many majors. You should talk with your adviser or consult the University Catalog to determine if this course is appropriate for your program of study.

CLEARED to register for:   MATH 101, MATH 105 & MATH 117

    You have met the prerequisite for all of the entry-level math courses. You may either register for one of these courses, or re-take the MPE to try to improve your placement status.


    You scored at or above minimally acceptable levels in these courses. You do not qualify for credit in the courses listed with this result. However, "placed out of" courses do satisfy prerequisites for other University courses, so you are eligible to register for any course that requires one of these courses as a prerequisite. You are also eligible to register for and complete for credit any course that is included in your list of "placed out of" courses.


    Your score indicates competence comparable to that expected of students who have completed these courses. As a result, you have qualified for University credit in the courses listed. You must register for this credit (see above), and a grade of "S" (Satisfactory) will be recorded. There is no additional tuiition charge for credit earned from the Math Challenge Exam. Credit earned by exam can be used to satisfy the AUCC Mathematics Requirement.


    You should consult with your academic adviser or check the requirements for your degree program as listed in the University Catalog to determine which course(s) are most appropriate for you. Be sure to complete the 3-credit AUCC Mathematics Requirement early in your degree program. You can avoid a grading penalty by finishing this requirement by the time you have earned 60 total credits toward your degree.   (Click here for more information about the AUCC Mathematics Requirement.)

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