Colorado State Math Placement & Challenge Exams

** NOTE: in all references below, MPE refers to either the unproctored Math Placement Exam or the proctored Math Challenge Exam.

General Information about the Math Challenge Exam

    The Math Challenge Exam (proctored version of the MPE) is given on a "walk-in" basis ( when classes are in session) in the PACe Testing Center (Weber 138) according to the table shown below. The MPE consists of 50 multiple choice and multiple choice-multiple response questions and covers topics in College Algebra, Numerical & Analytic Trigonometry, and Logarithms & Exponential Functions. The exam period is two hours and twenty minutes long. Calculators are allowed, but you must use the TI-84 calculator provided by the PACe Testing Center when taking the exam on campus. Reference materials may not be used during the exam.
    The Math Challenge Exam may be taken twice in a proctored setting. Exam results are available immediately. Incoming students have an additional opportunity to take the Math Placement Exam remotely prior to their term of admission.

Do I need to take the MPE?

    All entering freshmen are required to take the MPE. The MPE is waived for students who have scored 3,4, or 5 on an Advanced Placement Calculus Exam (either AB or BC), or have transfer credit in a math course at the level of college algebra or above. Transfer students who have not transferred any mathematics courses to Colorado State must begin with the MPE. Students who do not place into the math course required by their degree program may study and retake the MPE or complete the Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) Tutorial and take the ELM Exam instead.

Is there a fee?

    A CSU exam fee of $15 is automatically charged to your student account the first time you take the MPE. This is a one time fee and covers subsequent attempts of the MPE. If you need to complete the ELM Tutorial and take the ELM Exam, you will not be charged again.

What do you need to bring?

    To take the Math Challenge Exam or the ELM Exam, you need to bring a pencil or pen, and identification that includes your photo and student ID number. Currently enrolled students are required to bring their Colorado State RamCard as identification. The PACe Testing Center will provide you with an on-screen TI-84 calculator.

*** For "walk-in" exams, plan to arrive at the PACe Testing Center well before the closing time listed below to be certain you will have all the time allowed for the exam you will be taking.

FALL, 2013
  Saturday, December 14 -
              Monday, January 20
  PACe Center is CLOSED "Walk-in" testing
is not available

SPRING, 2014
  Tuesday, January 21 -
                Friday, May 9
 (** CLOSED March 17-21 )
  9:00 am - 4:00 pm Mon-Fri
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Mon-Thurs
MPE & ELM Exam "walk-in"
PACe Testing Center
Weber 138
  Saturday, May 10 -
              Sunday, May 18
  PACe Center is CLOSED "Walk-in" testing
is not available

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