Education is not the filling of a pail, it is the lighting of a fire. - W. B. Yeats

Dr. Louis Scharf - Funded Research

Ball Aerospace Corporation

  • Statistical Signal Processing Algorithms and VLSI Architectures for Application in Radar and Image Processing

  • VLSI Chip

Bonneville Power Administration

  • Signal Analysis for the Identification of Power System Dynamics

  • Signal Processing for Power System Analysis

CASI-Colorado Advanced Software Inst.

  • Subspace Methods for the Demixing of Hyperspectral Images

Colorado Advanced Software Institute (CASI)

  •  Hyperspectral Imaging

DoD - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

  • A Mathematical Methodology for Managing and Integrating Sensors and Processors in Distributed Systems for Radar and Communication

  • Waveforms for Active Sensing in Military Operations on Urban Terrains

DoD-ARMY - Army Research Office (ARO)

  • Viterbi Tracking of Randomly Phase Modulated Data

DoD-NAVY-Office of Naval Research (ONR)

  •  Algorithms and Architectures for Dynamic Programming in VLSI and Coding of Waveforms

  • Architectures for Low-Rank Signal Processing in Passive and Active Sonar

  • Chip- and Cell-Level Architectures for Signal Processing in VLSI

  • Detection and Estimation in Subspaces

  • Matched and Adaptive Signal Processing in Subspaces

  • Matched Subspace Filtering for Detection, Estimation, and Time Series Analysis

  • Reduced Rank Wiener Filters in Optimized Coordinates for Partially Adaptive Filtering in Radar and Sonar

  • Signal Processing in the Linear Statistical Model

  • Space-Time Beamforming and Diversity Combining for Passive Sonar Surveillance in Large Sonar Arrays

  • Stochastic Approximation in Adaptive Signal Processing

  • Stochastic Signal Processing

DOD-USAF-Air Force

  • Information Fusion from the Point of View of Communication Theory


  • HP Software Development Program

Mission Research Corporation

  • A Mathematical Methodology for Managing & Integrating Sensors & Processors in Distributed Radar and Sonar Systems

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • CIF: Small: Collaborative Research: Compressed Sensing for High-Resolution Image Inversion

  • Collaborative Research: Subspace Expansions for Optimization of Transceivers in Multiple Access Communication

  • Integrated Antennas; Receivers, and Networks for Wireless Communication

  • NSF ERC for Optoelectronic Computing Systems

  • Signal Processing & Channel Modelling in Low-Dimensional Subspaces

  • Signal Processing and Channel Modeling in Low-Dimensional Subspaces for Wireless Communication is Multi-Antenna Systems

  • Statistical Signal Processing and Communication within Sub-bands

Naval Undersea Research and Development Center

  • Adaptive Array Studies

  • Communication Receiver Studies

Numerica Corporation

  • Distributed Fusion and Pattern Detection in Networks

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