List of Alumni of the Graduate Program

Alumni Survey

A degree in mathematics, whether it is a Bachelors's of Science, a Master's of Science, or a Doctorate, has afforded a diverse selection of career opportunities. We have many graduates who have chosen higher education as a career. Those colleges and universities that employ Colorado State University graduates include Colorado State University, Utah State University, the University of Nebraska, Idaho State University, Kansas State University, MIT, the University of Michigan, the University of British Columbia, and Washington State University.

The aerospace industry is also a large employer of former students. Hughes Aircraft, Martin-Marietta, and Lockheed Space and Missiles are just a few companies which have employed our graduates. The computer industry (Hewlett-Packard, IBM, TRW, and Honeywell) has also presented a wide selection of career opportunities. Businesses, U.S. Government agencies, and secondary schools also have many Colorado State University graduates as employees.

The Department of Mathematics prides itself on the career accomplishments of its alumni. Faculty members and the administration are enthusiastic about giving their students the finest education available and maintaining the high standards set by the department's alumni.

Colorado State University has over 116,000 living alumni.

The Department of Mathematics has many distinguished alumni "out in the real world."