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Restricted Orbit Equivalence for actions of Discrete Amenable Groups

This large manuscript has recently been revised.  In particular a group of seven examples has
been added to Chapter 2.   This work has been submitted to the Journal of Ergodic Theory and
Dynamical Systems.

Abstract, Table of Contents and Chapter 1 Introduction (355 kb)

Chapter 2 Definitions and Examples  (1.5 mb)

Chapter 3 The Ornstein-Weiss Machinery (767 kb)

Chapter 4 Copying Lemmas (1.14 mb)

Chapter 5 m-entropy (382 kb)

Chapter 6 m-Joinings (1.65 mb)

Chapter 7 The Equivalence Theorem (1.31 mb)

Appendix (1.23 mb)

Bibliography and Index (186 kb)

Uniform Endomorphisms which are Isomorphic to a Bernoulli Shift

    Joint with Chris Hoffman

1-sided-11-13.pdf  (1 mb)

A  Dyadic Endomorphism which is Bernoulli but not Standard

    Joint with Chris Hoffman


Topological Weak Mixing of Interval Exchange Maps

    Joint with Arnaldo Noguiera


Standardness of sigma-fields given by certain endomorphisms

    Joint with Jack Feldman


Entropy and dyadic equivalence of random walks on a random scenery

    Joint with D. Heicklen and C. Hoffman


Sections for semiflows and Kakutani shift equivalence

    Joint with Chao-Hui Lin


Pointwise and L1 mixing relative to a sub-sigma-algebra


Entropy and Orbit Equivalence

(Lecture notes from PIMS Distinguished Chair Series)