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Anne Ho - PhD preliminary examination
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Place: Weber, 201
Time: 10:00 a.m.

Title: Counting Artin-Schreier Curves Over Finite Fields

Advisor: Dr. Rachel Pries

Dr. Tim Penttila
Dr. Jeff Achter
Dr. Myung Hee Lee

Abstract: A number of authors have considered the weighted sum of various sets of curves over finite fields $k := F_q$. We denote this $\sum_{[C]} 1/|Aut_k(C)|$ where $[C]$ is the $k$-isomorphism classes of the curves, and $Aut_k(C)$ is the automorphism group of $C$ over $k$. These types of curves include elliptic curves over fields of any characteristic $p$ (Howe), hyperelliptic curves over fields of characteristic two (Van der Geer, Van der Vlugt), as well as Artin-Schreier curves of genus two and three over fields of characteristic two (Nart et al.). We extend the work of these authors by considering Artin-Schreier curves with a more general genus $g$ over fields of any characteristic $p$. We will discuss our results and methods of counting, which include looking at ramification divisors, finding associated rational models $y^p – y = u(x)$, and examining the actions of $PGL_2(k)$ on the models. We will end by discussing open cases and a conjecture.

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