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Nand Sharma - PhD preliminary examination
Date:  Friday, July 21, 2017
Place: Weber 201
Time: 2 p.m.

Title: Intersections of psi classes on Hassett Spaces for genus 0 with weights 1/2

Advisor: Dr. Renzo Cavalieri

Committee: Dr. Chris Peterson, Dr. Jeff Achter, Dr. Ashok Prasad

Abstract: Hassett spaces are moduli spaces of stable weighted pointed curves. In this work, we consider such spaces of curves of genus 0 with weights all 1/2. These spaces are interesting as they are isomorphic to M_0,n but have different universal families and different intersection theory. We develop a closed formula for top intersections of psi-classes on such spaces. Also, a conjecture to pack this formula into a generating function is discussed. Planned work and work in progress on corresponding String equation, Dilaton Equation and generalizing the results to higher genus are discussed too.