Thursday, May 4, Clark Bldg., Room C217, 1pm

Complex dynamics in the 2:1-spatial resonance

Edgar Knobloch
Department of Physics
University of California, Boulder

The amplitude equations describing the 1:2 spatial resonance in O(2) symmetric systems are reexamined. Complex dynamical behavior associated with a new class of global connections is identified and analyzed. These connections form further from the mode interaction point where the structurally stable heteroclinic cycles described by Armbruster, Guckenheimer and Holmes (Physica D , 257 (1988)), and Proctor and Jones (J. Fluid Mech. 188, 301 (1988)) no longer exist. The resulting behavior is characteristic of systems with O(2) X Z_2 symmetry in which the symmetry Z_2 is weakly broken.
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