Spring 1999

M 332 : Methods of Applied Mathematics II: Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

Section: 1

Time:  11-11:50, MWF

Meeting Room: EE205

Instructor:  Gerhard Dangelmayr

Office: EE217
Phone: 491-6451
Email: gerhard@math.colostate.edu

Office Hours: 9:00 - 10:30 WF

Text: Introduction to Applied Partial Differential Equations
by Richard Haberman

Course Outline:

The course is a first introduction to partial differential 
equations. We will discuss the most important linear equations 
arising in physics. These are the heat equation, Laplace's 
equation, Poisson's equation and the wave equation. The solution
techniques to be introduced are mainly separation of variables 
and eigenfunction expansions. 
If enough time is left at the end of the semester,
an introduction to Green's functions and solution techniques
based on Fourier and/or Laplace transforms will also be given. 

Midterm: March 5; Final: during Finals week; weekly homework assignments.

Grading Policy:
Final: 40%, Midterm: 20%, Homework: 40%