Spring 1999

M 155 : Calculus for Biological Scientists I

Section: 7

Time:  4:10 - 5 MWRF

Meeting Room: EE203

Instructor:  Ann Cushman

Office: WB 32A
Phone: 491-3958
Email: cushman@math.colostate.edu

Office Hours: 3-4 MWRF, 4-5 T

Text: Calculus in Context
by Callahan and Hoffman

Course Outline: We'll cover the first 6 chapters. The exact sections to be covered each day will be listed on a seperate syllabus.

There will be 4 hourly exams given during regular class hours. The first exam is scheduled for Monday, February 8. The final is scheduled THE FRIDAY OF FINALS WEEK! :-[

Grading Policy:
Grading is based on the percentage of points versus total possible from:
Homework and quizzes: 150 points possible
Hourly exams: 100 points each
Final exam: 200 points possible

Course Coordinator: Prof. N. Krier