PACe students are expected to make full use of the learning resources. Several of the learning resources described in the previous section are accessible nearly 24 hours/day, and the remainder are available about 45 hours each week (during the FA & SP terms).   Students taking PACe courses choose when and how to use the online course materials and course assistants, but have clearly defined deadline dates for completing the course material. 

To complete a course, students must work through a sequence of carefully designed video lectures, required assignments and Review Exams, and then demonstrate competence with the course material on a sequence of proctored Unit Exams plus a cumulative Final Exam. The units must be completed and passed in order.   Poctored exams must be taken in the PACe Testing Center in the Weber Building, and may be repeated as many times as the student needs to achieve the scores required by course policies or desired by the student.

The PACe courses are self-directed, but not self-paced.  Students have a pre-defined schedule of due dates for the course material (including final exams) based on the number of courses in which the student is enrolled.   Students who fail to meet the deadline schedule lose points toward their final grade in the course. If too many points are lost or the student fails to pass the Final Exam by the due date, the student will need to reduce the number of PACe courses in which they are enrolled and move to a new deadline schedule based on fewer courses. When moving to a new deadline schedule, all previously completed coursework is re-evaluated relative to the new set of deadline dates.

We use the PACe instructional website to provide detailed, individualized feedback to students concerning deadlines, course progress and exam performance.   Students have real-time access to their status relative to the deadline schedule.   In this way we minimize miscommunication about due dates and course expectations.

User's Examination    Each semester students are required to pass a User's Examination.   This short exam is intended to ensure that each student is familiar with the learning resources, procedures, and grading policies of the PACe Program.

The User's Examination is based on The Guide to the PACe Program.  A new edition of this guide is prepared for each semester.   The current Guide provides detailed information about learning resources, exam procedures, grading policies, the term specific deadline dates and PACe Center hours.  The Guide can be viewed from the CSU Mathematics Department web site.

PACe Orientation  An online orientation has been developed to introduce students to the resources, procedures and grading policies for completing a PACe course. The orientation is accessible as a menu item on the PACe website, and can be viewed at any time. Students are sent an email toward the beginning of the term encouraging them to view the online orientation.

Registration   To take MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 124, MATH 125, or MATH 126 during a fall or spring term, students should register for section 001.   (Section 550 is for credit earned from the CSU Mathematics Challenge Examination.)   Students must register for all of the courses they wish to take during the semester by the initial add deadline (before the sixth day of classes). All PACe courses are also offered through CSU Online. Additional options are available during the Summer Session, and interested students should speak with the staff in the PACe Office (Weber 137).

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Last updated on:   April 6, 2018